Flame Effects
  • Galaxis G-Flames (full Galaxis Wireless control modules)
  • G-Flame Power Upgrades
  • G-Flame Bottle adaptors & Hoses
  • Galaxis PFC controllers
Confetti, Pyrotechnic & Air Effects
  • Magic FX Powershot Bases and traps with Effectivator controllers
  • Magic FX Mini Blower
  • Le Maitre 6 way Prostage II Controllers with Pods and Angle Pods
  • Galaxis PFC Controllers
  • Galaxis 10way PFE's with optional 50way Matrix boards and/or the 5x20 breakout matrix's
  • Assorted Pyro mounts, holders, pots, arrays and accessories
Lighting & Atmospheric Effects
  • Clay Paky Mythos 2
  • Clay Paky Stormy CC
  • Solid and inflatable outdoor dome options
  • Fully customisable LED custom models, screens and structures (contact us for more details!)
  • GrandMA2 and Wolfmix W1 lighting control options
  • Artnet/E1.31 to DMX and SPI controllers
  • Le Maitre Bubblemaster 2000
  • Peasouper C02 and Diffusion DF50 Hazers with optional layflat smoke distribution system
  • Antari S-250 Snow Machines
  • Assorted truss, stands, towers, structures, power distribution and cabling systems
Costumes & Models
  • Lifesize Wearable Hybrid Purple Predator
  • Lifesize wearable screen perfect P1 Predator
  • Lifesize "Blue" Velociraptor
  • Wearable Creeper Costume
  • Other costumes and models available to order